About Me

Hollandse Meester – landscape photography by Frank de Vries

I am Frank de Vries, a landscape photographer based in the Netherlands. Starting out as a wildlife photographer almost 5 years ago, I have shifted my focus to landscapes after attending a photography coarse at the Dutch University of Applied Photography. It was then I discovered the beauty of working with compostional elements within the landscape, and to combine that with natural light to achieve one goal: capturing that perfect moment in time. Aiming for that means that I spend a lot of my time out in the field, and I just absolutely love it out there!

David Noton named one of his books ‘waiting for the light’, and that is exactly what it is. Getting there in time, preparing your composition and waiting for the light to dress up the landscape in front of your lens. And when it reaches that peak in lightning… press the shutter. That’s what it is to me.

I aim to constantly improve my photographical skills, either by following education, following workshops by leading Dutch landscape photographers, following lectures, but mostly by spending hours in the field with my gear. This can be in the Netherlands or abroad. See the gallery for a collection of images from my latest trip to Iceland.



Frank de Vries
Almelo – the Netherlands

info at hollandsemeester.nl